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iMaster Health is focused on digitalizing rehabilitation for chronic health conditions. Utilizing our smart technology, we aim to provide personalized, evidence-based rehabilitation programs through any smart device. We are currently focused on improving access to pulmonary rehabilitation and enabling prevention of chronic lung diseases.

- Our Mission -

At iMaster Health, we believe everyone should have access to high quality healthcare and services. Our mission is to create accessible rehabilitation programs to help individuals manage their chronic health condition(s) anywhere, anytime. Improving access to rehabilitative care will help prevent the progression of chronic diseases and reduce medical expenditure. The experts at iMaster Health are ready to guide you along your healing journey!

Product Description

Our online pulmonary rehabilitation program provides exercise training for all fitness levels (beginner to experienced), breathing and airway clearance techniques, and educational / self-management resources from a team of health experts. Our goal is to help individual’s live and breathe better and reduce urgent visits to the doctor.

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"Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives."

Akshay Dubey

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Pulmonary rehabilitation helps ease respiratory symptoms, improve physical and psychological well-being, and increase disease management. Please discuss your decision to begin online pulmonary rehabilitation with a doctor or health care provider.

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